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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Intelligence in America

"Did you hear that Georgia is being attacked?"
"Georgia Georgia? The state of Georgia?"
"Yes, Georgia Georgia! Can you believe the government is letting that happen?"
"Well President Bush is at the Olympics!"

Yes, these individuals are right! Georgia is being attacked because President Bush just watched Phelps win another gold medal! Surely if some one wanted to attack the US the ONLY thing stopping them would be that President Bush was in the country. Also, they clearly would start with Georgia....I am sure it all started while listening to a little Ray Charles that put Georgia on their mind! Oh wait! Isn't there a country named Georgia??????

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Chicago Must Sees

Even though it has been a long time (a month and a half to be exact!) since I last posted, don't think for a minute that I did not do a new "Chicago" thing in February. When I first heard of the place I enoyed in February I was slightly hesitant about going. I have been to similar places, or so I thought, and wasn't sure it was the type of place that I wanted to go that night. However, the night turned out to be one of the more fun nights I have had in a while.

Upon first being described to me, I thought that this was going to be a lot like the Kit Kat. Sure, there were "female impersonators" just like at the Kit Kat; however, it was MUCH different. After you have your tickets your group is placed at a table where each person has a two drink minimum. All of the individuals working there were a much older crowd then you tend to see working at a lounge bar in the city. I was told that the "show" would last a little over an hour and that it should start shortly. After we recieved our first round of drinks the lights dimmed and the music from the Broadway Chicago came blaring through out the lounge and out came 6 "women" lip singing. Each woman had there own unique personality that showed through out the show with each song they did, whether it was a song alone or a group song.

The bar is one that has been in Chicago for many years and you can tell that from everything inside. From the tables you sit at, from the carpet you walk on, and even to the stale bowling ally smell you are over come with with you walk in, it is exactly as it was when it first opened. It is all part of the charm. I would recommend any one to go to The Baton at least once in their lifetime.

After you have enjoyed the show, you can walk around the corner and enjoy one of my favorite bars in Chicago. Swirl is the perfect place for any group of people to hang out. It has many comfortable chairs and couches to hang out with a larger group or a few round top tables where smaller groups can sit. No matter where you sit you will always be able to hear the people you are conversing with and have a great time.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Who are you!??!

It might be shocking to some of you, but over the years I have been named a picky eater. Yes, it is true. People could walk into any restaurant and say what I was going to order because it is usually the same thing. Lately, however, some of you might be a little surprised. It might be safe to say that you might not know who I am any more as far as my food tastes go. Here are some of my latest loves that I never would have touched:

1) Salmon. I love myself some salmon salad and smoked salmon!
2) Sushi. This is still in baby step forms but I did not hesitate to try anything Friday night.
3) Wings. I normally would have never touched chicken wings on the, though, I am not even phased. I even dip into the spicy side of sauses!
4) Steak with pinkness. A few years ago I would rather have starved then eaten red meat that had any part slightly pink. Now, not so much.
5) Guacamole. This isn't a new development just newer. I could eat this every day if it was around the apartment!

Tastes that have not changed:
1) My love for juicy juice
2) Hate for mayo and things with mayo as an ingredient
3) Bar food. Love it all (especially now that I like wings)
4) Disgust of soups with seafood in it
5) Caesar Salads....Could eat this every day. Now I just add salmon sometimes.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Trip around the world.....

Last weekend I went to Ancient Egypt, followed maps that took me around the world, went back in time and found 14 W. Elm in the early 1900's and so much more. Not only was I exhausted from being so productive but I also am one month closer to completing a resolution. Okay. Fine. I have just done "experience Chicago" for one month now but it is one month longer then I usually do my resolutions.

I went to the Chicago Field Museum. It is probably not my favorite museum here, but I am glad that I can check it off my list. They usually have a featured exhibit and it was Maps the day that I was there. Since the only class I ever failed was a class about maps in middle school, a lot of that exhibit was probably lost on me. With that said, however, it was interesting to see the detail that went into making a map with out the technology that we have now. They also were featuring a T-Rex that they have given the ferocious name of Sue. I think there are only 4 or 5 actual "Sue" bones to her. The rest are man-made. Can you actually feature a man made T-Rex?!?! If so, shouldn't their maps exhibit just be ones from Google Maps?

As usual, though, the museum did not let me down as far as people watching and listening was concerned. I saw interesting people and heard some funny things. I will leave you with the best comment heard all day. I might go as far as saying the best comment of January (Yes. A bold statement for Jan 14th but try and top it!)

"David! Come back to Ancient Egypt!"
---Father chasing after 'David'

Monday, January 14, 2008

2008 Goal

As I have stated before, I tend to not make resolutions for the new years since I never keep them. This year, however, I dared to be different. I thought I would take baby steps to learning to keep resolutions and only make one for 2008. This year my resolution is (drum roll please!) to take one weekend out of every month to do something in Chicago that I have not yet done. This could be eat at a new place, shopping in an area that I haven't, or simply walk around a park that I have never been to before. One new Chicago thing a month is something I think I can actually do. Wish me luck and send me your recommendations!

Best wishes in 2008 to all :)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Random thoughts while on a crowded bus...

"There are many open you HAVE to sit by me?"
"Can you not read the sign or hear the announcer? Keep all bags off of the seats to make room for all of those people standing."
"The Moody Church!?! Even if I DID go to church I am not sure I would choose to go to one called The Moody Church!"
"How could you sleep on a loud and bumby bus?"
"I can't believe I forgot to charge Unya (ipod) before I went Christmas shopping"
"Is it rude to get up and move to the open bench at the next stop? For real, why did they have to sit RIGHT by me?"
"What else do I need to get for Christmas? I think everyone is done...well, except for buying for myself!"
"Oh great! 2 screaming kids! How many more stops do I have? Curses to you Unya"
"Did that girl just get on the bus to ride it one block and then get back off? I thought I was lazy!"
"There is no way that guy is really sleeping!"
"My stop. Thank God!"

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Well read?

I tend to think of myself as a some one who is well read. With that being said, I know there are books and authors that I shy away from. I have heard more times then I can count that there are certain books I should read. I am not sure why I don't read those books; actually, I am sure that I would enjoy them if I just sat down long enough to give them a chance. Am I intimidated by them? I don't think so, but it could be a possibility. I just need something to motivate me to read them.....

Then motivation strikes in the form of a reading challenge. I never say no to a challenge. Hopefully, this challenge will help me get through at least twelve of the books I have been meaning to read. Kristen is also doing this challenge and we both encourage others to join in. If not for the whole year, at least challenge yourself to read a book or two that you have been putting off.

Here is my tentative list. It is not set in stone so if others have books that you think should be added please let me know what they are and why they should be.

January: I Know This Much to be True: Wally Lamb
February: A Tale of Two Cities:
March: Cat's Eye: Margaret Atwood*
April: Love: Toni Morrison
May: Other Voices, Other Rooms: Truman Capote*
June: Gone With the Wind: Margaret Mitchell
July: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter: Carson McCullers
August: Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austin
September: For Whom the Bell Tolls: Ernest Hemingway
October: The Human Stain: Phillip Roth*
November: Jane Eyre: Charlotte Bronte
December: The Grapes of Wrath: John Steinbeck *

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I have always had a bad taste in my mouth when I speak of the store Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch. I do not like going into stores that have half naked people on the walls or even working in them. I also have a hard time with the fact that average sized people are not able to wear their clothes. They are made extremely small and they do not make many large or extra-larges because that isn't the body type they want to be wearing their clothing. Sure, they make some cute clothing and I have a lot of friends who wear their products and wear them well, but I still get a bad taste in my mouth.

Last weekend did not help my bad taste. I asked my younger sister what she wanted for her birthday. Her reply was that she wanted gift cards to her two favorite stores for a shopping trip she was going on. What are those stores? Areopostal and Hollister. Kristen and I decided to divide and conqure. She took Areo and I took Hollister.

I walk in and see instantly half naked people both working and on the walls. I walk right for the check out counter to get the gift card. I tell the person behind the counter I want a gift card for X amount. He tells me to go a head and pick the gift card I want to give and points to a box in front of me. What are my options? A half naked man or a half naked woman on top of a half naked man. What message does that send my 13 year old sister?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lessons in banking

Since I no longer work for my former employer (story for another a month!) I am finally able to share the lessons I have learned in banking. Because I no longer work there I can be open and honest about what NOT to do in a bank with out the risk of being fired for talking about my clients. It is your civic duty to pass these on to any one and every one who might do these things. Read and learn:

1) When there is a line at the bank and you have to wait it is annoying. However, try to not go during lunch or closing time if you don't want to wait in those lines.

2) When you have to wait in line please resist the urge to complain LONGER then it takes us to do your transactions. You are now holding up everyone behind you. Ironic, right? I get it. You had to wait in line. Your time is valuable. No one but you has had to wait in this line.

3) When we tell you that your money has not been released from the bank the check is drawn on it has not been released. I can not call them and ask them to put the money in your account. Nor is it our fault they have not allowed you to have it yet.

4) Sure you have thousands of dollars in your account, but that does not mean service fees do not apply to you. If you transfer funds more then 3 times and your account only allows you to transfer it 3 times you will be given a fee. You can threaten to take all of your money out of your account, but you will be making a withdrawal of your money after we take your fee out. I worked for one of the largest companies in America.....they will not miss you or your money.

5) You may gladly threaten to bomb the bank and tell me it is my fault. You still won't get your money any faster and that is, in fact, a federal offense. Your account will be flagged for this threat permanetly and I will have to call the cops. I have all of your info on my screen, they WILL be able to find you.

6) The bank is not a place for you to find your Friday night date. Do not call work lines in hopes to ask some one out that was just doing their job in assisting you that day. You saw the line when you were there. People do not have time to talk on the phone and make plans with you for this weekend.

7) If the window or desk is closed, even if some one is in there working on something else, it is closed. You will be called upon if people are free to take you. You are not the only person that has banking to do on a given day. Sometimes we need a few moments to get caught up. The more rude you are, the longer you will wait. Trust me!

8) Although I am truely sorry for the loss of your perent the weekend prior, it is awkward for you to come up while I am with some one else and tell me about it. Awkward for me and for the person I am actually working with. I might cut you some slack the first time you do it; however, when you do it two weeks later telling me you lost your other parent it is still awkward. I am deeply sorry for you and your loss, but I am not waiting on you and I do not know what to say. Thank-you for showing me pictures they were both beautiful people but the bank on a friday payday is not the time for such conversations.

Monday, September 24, 2007

My Obsessions

* Table 52
* Shout Wipes: They really work!!!
* The Paper Source
* Scarves: This is nothing new!
* Bright Eyes: This is the first day of my life.....
Cute Turtlenecks: Not ugly ones....they are just ugly!
* Blockbuster Online
Coats: Also not new
* Being organized
* Mixed CD's: Every song is like Christmas....what song is it going to be?!?!
* Tank Tops
* Used book stores
* Hungry Howies
The movie and soundtrack Once
* Season Premires
* Being the first person to open a book: I always grab from the bottom of the pile!
* Fall
* Doodles
* Magnolia Street: I will live there one day
* Mini Coopers
* Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii: Only if said the proper way!
* Potbelly